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1. General
These Terms of Use apply to the use of the websites of Koskisen Group, including Koskisen Oy and Koskitukki Oy (hereinafter collectively referred to as Koskisen) and the websites hosted on these sites. Use of certain websites and services may be subject to additional terms of use. ‘Koskisen online services’ refers to all services owned by Koskisen that operate via the Internet. These include, for example, websites, applications, forms, Web magazines, software, and other functions connected to the Koskisen websites. The terms ‘you’ and ‘your’ refer to the user or viewer of Koskisen websites. Use of Koskisen online services is subject to acceptance of the Terms of Use of Koskisen websites.

2. Use of Koskisen websites
Copying, transfer, distribution, saving or downloading of website content either in full or in part without the written prior permission of Koskisen is prohibited. You are entitled to use parts of the Koskisen websites for private use provided that the reputation or business of Koskisen is not damaged and that any copies or printouts made for your private use contain all copyright information and other such proprietary information, notices or disclaimers. Alteration of website content or use of the content for any purpose other than that for which it was originally intended is prohibited. Use of press releases and other documents intended for public communication purposes is permitted on the condition that the information sources are cited.

By submitting material to any of our servers, for example, by e-mail or via the Koskisen websites, you agree that: (a) the material does not contain anything that is unlawful or otherwise unfit for publication; (b) you have used reasonable efforts to scan and remove any viruses or other contaminating or destructive features before submitting the material; and (c) you own the material or have the unlimited right to provide it to us, and Koskisen may publish the material free of charge and/or incorporate it or any parts of it in our products free of charge and without accountability or liability; and (d) you agree not to take action against Koskisen in relation to material that you submit, and you agree to indemnify us if any third party takes action against Koskisen in relation to the material you submit.

3. Unauthorised use
By using the Koskisen websites, you agree not to submit to the sites any material that may infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party or to use the services for any illegal, defamatory, derogatory or offensive purposes. You agree also to use the websites in a manner that does not damage or interfere with their operation or any of their contents.

4. Intellectual property
The content of the Koskisen websites are owned by Koskisen. All Koskisen web pages and their contents are protected by copyright law and international agreements. The intellectual property rights to software located on the websites belong to Koskisen or our suppliers. Koskisen reserves all rights to the content of its websites worldwide.

5. Legal disclaimer
Koskisen online services and their contents are provided “as is” without any warranties regarding the accuracy or reliability of the pages or their content. Koskisen makes no warranty that its websites or the server that makes them available are free of viruses or other harmful components or that the website functions will be uninterrupted or error-free.

Koskisen reserves the right to revise the Terms of Use of Koskisen websites and to make changes to the content of its websites or to the services provided through them. Koskisen also reserves the right to limit access to its online services or to make technical and functional changes or to interrupt or discontinue its websites without prior warning. Koskisen takes no liability whatsoever for any changes, interruption or discontinuance of its online services. Koskisen is entitled but not obligated to monitor the material contained on the Koskisen websites and to remove, move or comment on this material if we consider it to be in violation of the law, good practice, or these Terms of Use. You accept that Koskisen reserves the right to make such alterations and that it is your responsibility to regularly check the Terms of Use for possible changes.

Your continued use of Koskisen websites after any such alterations have been made shall constitute your acceptance of the alterations.

6. Limitation of liability
Koskisen accepts no liability for the qualitative properties or fitness for purpose of Koskisen online service websites. Koskisen is not liable for any disturbance or interruption of its websites or any of their functions. Koskisen accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, costs or loss of earnings related to the use or the possibility of use of its websites.

Koskisen makes no warranty or representation regarding the availability, accuracy, faultlessness, reliability or content of its online services or for the fitness for business use or for any other purpose of use of their content. Koskisen is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, loss of profit, or interruption of business caused by any of the services provided via its websites or by the interruption of such a service even if Koskisen is informed of such damages or of the possibility of such damages.

Koskisen is not liable in any way for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive or any other damages, costs or loss of profit caused by the use or attempted use of its services, or by browsing the Koskisen online services or any sites linked to these, or by any inability to use the content of the services, or due to a fault, interruption, mistake, delay, virus or system error in their functioning or transmission, even if Koskisen or its representatives are informed of the possibility of such damages, losses or costs.

Koskisen is not liable for any information or material provided by third parties via sites linked to Koskisen online services or for content produced by third parties. Koskisen’s websites may contain links to external websites. Koskisen does not actively monitor the content of such websites, nor is it responsible for any information, link functionality, contents or products offered through these sites and does not represent these websites in any way. Koskisen is not liable for the actions of other service providers. When accessing third party websites, you will look over and accept the rules of use of said sites before using them. You will also accept that Koskisen has no control over the content of said sites and cannot assume any responsibility for the material created or published by third party websites. Additionally, the existence of links to third party websites not operated by Koskisen does not imply that Koskisen endorses the products or services offered on those sites. Access to and use of third-party websites is exclusively at your own responsibility.

7. Cookies
Koskisen websites use cookies to facilitate and to speed up the use of our online services. You can block the use of cookies by altering your browser settings. Blocking the cookies can, however, make our pages slower to upload and prevent you from viewing or using certain parts of our websites.

8. Content provided by the user to Koskisen
Koskisen welcomes your feedback and suggestions and uses these to develop and improve its services. In providing feedback and suggestions you grant to Koskisen unlimited royalty-free rights to the material that you provide. Koskisen is thus not liable to pay any compensation for any of the feedback or suggestion material that it uses.

By providing material related to our online services to the Koskisen server, for example via e-mail or our online services, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
(a) the material that you submit is not confidential or proprietary and is owned by you and/or you have the unlimited right to submit the material to Koskisen; (b) Koskisen has a right to publish the submitted material as-is or in modified form; (c) you are liable for the fitness for publication of any material that you submit; (d) you agree to indemnify us if any third party takes action against Koskisen in relation to the material you submit; (e) you agree not to take action against Koskisen in relation to material that you submit; (f) Koskisen may publish the submitted material wholly or in part free of charge and without accountability or liability; (g) you have used reasonable efforts to remove any viruses or other contaminating or destructive features before submitting the material to Koskisen; and (h) Koskisen reserves the right to move or remove any material submitted to Koskisen at any time and for any reason.

9. Contacts
If you have any queries concerning any of Koskisen’s websites or online services, contact us via e-mail at: koskisen@koskisen.com.

Personal information may be collected in connection with marketing campaigns for direct marketing purposes as permitted under the Personal Data Act (523/99).

Separate notification of personal information processing will be provided in connection with services requiring registration.

11. Other terms and conditions
Any disputes concerning the use of Koskisen websites shall be settled by the District Court of Päijät-Häme in accordance with Finnish law.

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