There are two guiding principles underlying the Koskisen energy policy: promoting energy efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energy.

Total energy consumption per produced cubic metre (kWh / m­³)

Bio fuel share in energy production (%)




There are two guiding principles underlying the Koskisen energy policy: promoting energy efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energy. One of the ways in which we promote our energy efficiency is participating in the Energy Efficiency Agreement, a voluntary initiative organised by the Confederation of Finnish Industries. To increase our use of renewable energy, in turn, we have adopted a biofuel-based solution for our heat production.

Our goal is continuous improvement in energy efficiency

In 2016, we joined the Energy Efficiency Agreement organised by the Confederation of Finnish Industry and the associated operational programme for Finnish energy-intensive industries. Difficult economic circumstances and the resulting production downtime have proved to be a challenge for improving our energy efficiency. Furthermore, keeping production volumes high across all production units would allow us to use energy more efficiently. One of the ways we have reduced energy consumption is to instruct our employees not to idle their machines and to turn off any equipment and lights when not in use. Additionally, we use energy-efficient LED lighting whenever possible.

Company-level goal

Total energy consumption reduces 4% by 2020 and 7.5% by 2025 compared to 2015 (the goals related to Energy Efficiency Agreement).

Outcome in 2018

Our total energy consumption per cubic meter produced (kWh/m³) grew by 1.8% compared to 2015.

Renewable energy from the side products of our operations

The Koskisen Oy Järvelä facilities produce heat in their own main boiler facilities (Koskipower and Sermet boilers). They mostly use wood fuels produces as side products from Koskisen Oy’s other operations. This means we generally reach a ratio of 95% biofuel in heat production. We also have six reserve boilers that use heavy fuel oil. These boilers are only used if there are issues with the main boilers. Since the founding of Koskipower Oy’s heat production facilities in 2006, there has been a noticeable growth in the share of renewable energy in our heat production. Most of Koskipower Oy’s heat is used at our own production facilities. Some of the heat is sold externally as district heating. For the Herrala facility at Vierumäki, we buy the heating from Versowood Oy, who produce district heat using biofuels. The Hirvensalmi facility gets its heat from our own, Etelä-Savon Energia maintained wood and oil boilers.

Company level goal 2018 – 2020

Biofuel share of over 98% in heat production.

Outcome in 2018

Biofuel share of 96.9% in heat production.

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