Koskisen products are known for their versatility and quality. Our products can be used in many different applications. Below are a few examples of projects where Koskisen’s products have been used.



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The largest-ever expansion and development project in the history of Helsinki Airport is underway, and Koskisen plays a role in it .
PES-Architects Ltd. is responsible for the expansion. The theme of the new terminal is Finland’s nature and forests, explains Lindvall who is charge of interior materials and solutions. “We wished to highlight Finnish nature in a number of ways. We ended up using through-coloured birch veneer, which represents more processed Finnish technical veneer, in the West Terminal.” And Koskisen came up with the final touch to magnify those veneers.

Finnish thin plywood has proved a silent material that is competitive in cost in chain conveyors' scrapers.

Koskisen’s sawmill in Järvelä is the first Finnish sawmill to test scrapers made of thin plywood in its chain conveyor for wood chips and sawdust. Chain conveyors at sawmills are usually noisy, but the noise levels can be influenced through the choice of scraper material. The goal for the Järvelä sawmill is to find a durable sawn timber production solution that generates less noise near residential areas. Experiences thus far are promising: Finnish thin plywood has proved a silent material that is competitive in cost when compared with, for example, beech.

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