Koskisen Panel Industry’s products are renowned for providing customised  solutions, consistently high quality and customer satisfaction. These special requirements are taken into consideration in the plywood products’ design.


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    Koskisen plywood products

    The main raw material of our plywood products is Finnish birch which is both durable and strong; it is suitable for a wide variety of industrial end uses. Birch plywood is suitable for interior design uses and furniture manufacture. Most of our plywood production goes for export. Koskisen’s plywood is a highly regarded and sought after material in the demanding global market. We offer a wide range of colours and coatings for all of our plywoods.

    Koskisen chipboard products

    Koskisen chipboard mill is known for its advanced production equipment and chipboard product development. Koskisen has the widest portfolio of chipboard products on the market from standard to customised boards. Our product development capabilities enable us to expand our portfolio with special chipboard products such as panels for under floor heating systems.

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