The number of Koskisen’s employees has reached nearly 1,000. We are united by our commitment to wood, by our boldness in creating new products and by our desire to look after our customers and staff for the long term. The Koskisen spirit is characterised by a special internal entrepreneurship where each person strives to give their best every day, and this is something we wish to foster now and for years to come.




Koskisen Oy is a Finnish family company that was founded more than 100 years ago and has long traditions in the wood products industry. We employ close to 1,000 people in Finland and abroad. Our production plants are located in Järvelä, Hirvensalmi and Vierumäki. In addition, we have production in Russia and Poland, as well as sales offices in 11 countries, from Central Europe to China.

More than half of Koskisen’s production is exported. Our main market area is Europe, but our products are delivered worldwide. Koskisen is recognised globally as a straightforward timber expert that keeps its promises.

Inspiring working

Meaningful work

We offer our employees a pleasant and safe workplace where every employee performs meaningful work. Koskisen is known for training its employees and for encouraging them to continuously develop themselves and participate in training.

We invest in our personnel’s development and in their learning, for example, through apprenticeships. Currently more than half of Koskisen’s personnel have completed an apprenticeship alongside their work, and that number is growing all the time, as our apprenticeships are ongoing. Since we are a large company, our employees have the opportunity to explore job rotation and to learn a wide range of tasks.

Well-being and exercising

In addition to training, we also invest in our employees’ well-being and health by promoting their physical activities and sports offering Smartum benefit. Our employees in Järvelä can visit the local swimming hall at no charge and use the workplace gym.

In all of our Finnish production units, our employees also have the option of eating at a workplace cafeteria that offers nutritional, varied and delicious food.

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